Watch And Learn: A Bizarre Reason Behind This Before and After

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Australian fitness blogger Emily Skye inspires millions of people every day via her Instagram account, but recently posted something truly motivating and relatable.

Amid impressive workouts, jaw-dropping before and after photos, and scrumptious-looking healthy meals, Skye posted an Instagram of herself standing slouched over, compared to standing straight up with good posture. The overall change in her body was astounding; when she stood straight up, her muscles looked more toned, her skin looked tighter, and you could physically see all the hard work she has put into her body.

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Check out the comparison in her Instagram post below!

A video posted by EMILY SKYE (@emilyskyefit) on

She captioned the video, "Good posture makes all the difference! No only do you feel better & have less aches & pains but you look better & more confident too!"

Skye's followers praised her for being "real." One follower wrote, "This is amazing, you are amazing," while another said, "Always keeping things real!"

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