A Toned Arm Challenge To Kiss Upper Arm Jiggle Goodbye!

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(Photo: Happily Grey)

If you dread the arm jiggle, let Skinny Mom help along your dream of having toned arms with this super helpful Toned Arms Challenge. Can you complete the following list of upper body exercises three times? We dare you!

arm challenge

50 Arm Circles: You can perform this move sans hand weights, or if you're up for more of a challenge, you can add light (5-10 pound) free weights into the mix. If you need instruction on how to do this move, click here!

weighted arm circles

10 Tricep Dips: This is a powerful upper body workout that is sure to have your arms shaking like leaves in the wind. (That's a good thing!) Biceps are so often the focal point of arm workouts that the triceps are often forgotten. Click here to read more details on the tricep dip.

Tricep Dips

15 Mountain Climbers: This move is a staple in the workout community—and for good reason! Mountain climbers activate your core and glutes making this exercise a serious calorie burner and muscle builder. Want to know more details? See the exercise here.

Mountain Climbers

10 Pushups: We can hear you groaning all the way over here! Pushups are often dreaded, but absolutely should not be avoided. They are a powerful workout, and they're dreaded for a reason: they hurt but they work! See a step-by-step of this move here.


15 Bicep Curls:: Your arms should be open-faced so that the inside of your palm is facing out. Start with a light weight and work up to something heavier once you gage your skill level. You want to feel some resistance to know that you're challenging yourself, but make sure not to overdo it. Read more about it here.


20 Tricep Extensions: This muscle-builder zones in on your triceps, a muscle that's too often overlooked. If you're like us, you'll feel the burn in your muscles almost immediately, but don't give up! Do you need more instruction? Click here to read more.

Triceps extension with dumbbell

Complete these moves a total of three times, and then challenge a friend. We hope you feel sore tomorrow!