Work Every Inch Of Your Body With These 50 Killer Moves

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There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning with a little soreness from a great workout. It reminds you that you're one step closer to hitting your goals. So change up your tired fitness routine and swap out old moves for these new ones!


1. Diamond Pushups: You have been doing pushups since your days in P.E. and you know they're great for your upper body, but when it starts to get boring, you can try moving the position of your hands for a whole new move! To get more information on the diamond pushup, click here.

diamond pushup

2. Horizontal In-and-Outs: To get triceps, biceps AND delts try out this move! Warning: Getting something off a high shelf may be tricky the next day! Learn this move by clicking here.

3. Front Reverse Raise: This move is a great way to change things up. It's like a usual raise, but you flip your hands so your palms face up. If you need a nice set of dumbbells for your home gym, click here! To get step-by-step instructions on the move, click here.

4. Bicep Curl Overhead Press: To really get those biceps toned, you can grab some weights and try out this move! You can start with three pounds and work your way up as you get stronger. Click here to get details.

5. Skull Crusher: This move is great for your triceps. Lay out a yoga mat and start on your back. Be sure you've picked the right weight for your dumbbells; we don't want you actually crushing your skull! Get step-by-step instructions here.

skull crusher

6. Behind-Your-Back Press: Grab your Pilates ring! This move will work your biceps, triceps and shoulders. Don't have one? You can purchase one here. Learn the move by clicking here.

7. Stair Dips: Use your steps, a bench or another sturdy surface to really work those triceps. It's a great way to change up your usual strength training routine. Click here for details.

8. Butterfly Chest with Shoulder Press: Feel the burn in your biceps, triceps and shoulders when you do this four-step move! Learn all the steps here.

Butterfly Chest Shoulder Press

9. One Arm Kettlebell Swing: In addition to your biceps and shoulders, this kettlebell move will get your abs working too! For full instructions, click here. Need a kettlebell? You can get one here!

10. Cheer Press: Maybe you didn't make the cheer team in high school, but it's never too late! Channel your inner pep and push through some cheer presses for toned biceps and shoulders! For more details, click here.


11. Switch Kicks: This is a great way to flatten your tummy. Do this for 60 seconds at a time for great results. Learn the proper form here.

12. Kettlebell Windmills: This is a fun move to target your obliques, especially if you're tired of crunches. Stand up, stretch it out and grab your kettlebell! To learn the move, click here.

13. BOSU Side Crunch: Using a BOSU® ball is a great way to change up your fitness routine, and this move is no exception! Your obliques will be thanking you after this! See it done here.

14. Russian Twists: A classic move to tighten your core, this exercise shouldn't be overlooked! Learn this move here. If you want to pump it up, try this advanced Russian twist, pictured below.

advanced russian twist

15. Frog Press: If your ab routine is getting dull, try incorporating this move. It's something you probably have tried before and it's a great way tone your tummy! To learn the move, click here.

16. Boat Pose Bicycle: This move is a great way to get a thorough ab workout. Holding the boat pose will get your abs engaged, and the bicycle aspect of the move will challenge you. Learn the move by clicking here.

17. Side Star Super Plank: Get your oblique workout in with this plank variation! It will really focus on your sides so you can slim down your midsection. Click here to see the move.

18. Hip Twister Planks: Another plank variation, this move will target your abs in the middle and sides. If you're hoping to tone your core, this is a great move. Get more information here.

19. Knee Tap Plank: This plank will help you get in touch with your core. When you perform this move, be cautious that only your knees bend in this move. For more information on how to perform this move properly, click here.

20. Scorpion Twist: Get your core toned by doing the scorpion twist. It's a great move to change up your routine if you're getting bored and will really work the obliques. Learn the move here.


21. Crossover Lunge: Change up your lunges with this move! It'll work your legs for a great toned look. Find out more here.

crossover lunge

22. Power Squat: This squat is great for buns and thighs, but the explosive jump makes this an awesome move for your legs! Get your heart rate up and tone your lower body all at once with this move. Click here for instructions.

23. Lateral Burpees: Ready to feel the burn? This lateral burpee will have your heart pumping and legs burning! If you want to push yourself, this is the move for you. Click here to learn more.

24. Calf Raises: In the gym, at the microwave, in the Starbucks line, calf raises can be done anywhere! Get your calves toned by doing as many as you can for 60 seconds! Click here to get details.

25. Alternating Front Kicks: This moves gets your legs moving, and if you go fast enough, it can be a great way to get your heart rate up. Not to mention using dumbbells makes this a good arm workout too! Learn this move here.

26. Side Leg Lift on Stability Ball: Work your legs with this great move and get the added bonus of a core workout! If you need a stability ball, you can purchase a great one here. To learn this move, click here.

27. Uneven Squat on Stair: By doing a squat with uneven weight on each leg, you can really target your muscles in a new way in both your legs and booty! Get more info here.

uneven squat on stair

28. Slip Lunge on Stair: Another stair move, it's great for working out at your house! This lunge will work muscles up and down the leg and is great for toning! Learn more about it here.

29. Crossover Step: Get your legs moving with this crossover step. It'll have you moving and the added dumbbells will make it a bit more challenging. See it done here.

30. Stair Climb with Kick Back: This move, easily done at home, is great for your legs. It's also a good way to tone your butt, so this move is a great one to add to your routine. Check it out.


31. Plié Squat: Quads and hamstrings will get a lot of attention here! You can learn this move here. For an even more advanced move, check out the Plié Squat with Calf Raise.

plie squat

32. Outer-Thigh Press: Get that Pilates ring out again and slide it around your ankles. By working against this ring, you'll really get your thighs burning. To see it done, click here.

33. Side Leg Press: Move the ring from around your ankles to in between them for this move! Squeeze using your thighs and get the benefit of a booty workout too! More information can be found here.

34. Side Lunge with Lateral Lifts: Ready for long, lean legs? We thought so. This move will take you there! Get full details by clicking here.

35. Goblet Squat Hold: Get your squat on and thin those thighs! The kettlebell gives this a little extra challenge! For info on this move, click here.

goblet squat hold

36. Intensified Lunges: Lunges will really tone your legs, but this intensified version is great for thighs specifically! Check it out! If you need a foam roller, you can get a great one here.

37. Standing Leg Press: You'll feel this most in your inner thighs, but it's also working your booty. It's so easy to do, you can even do it while you watch TV! Get details here.

38. Inner Thigh Lifts: Work those pesky inner thighs and your abs at the same time! This is a great move to do when you're laying on the ground playing with the kids! See more here.

39. Plié Squat into Side Kick: By adding a kick to this squat variation, you're toning your booty and thighs. It's a great way to move your muscle in a new way. Click here to learn more about it.

40. Thigh Sweep: Using a resistance band is a great way to amp up your exercise! Buy one here and learn the thigh sweep by clicking here.


41. Booty Lift Plank: This is a great plank variation. It will keep your abs engaged as you work to lift and tone your booty. To learn the move, click here.

42. Leg Rainbows: Not only will this work your booty in a new way, but your hamstring and quads will get some work too! Learn the move by clicking here.

43. Bridge with Pilates Ring: Lift your booty in the air and get to work with your Pilates ring! You'll definitely feel the burn tomorrow! For more information, click here.

44. Standing Fire Hydrant: Find a stable surface to use; we don't want you toppling over! Then get to work and feel the burn! Click here for instructions.

45. Glute Bridge with Leg Lift: Get your booty in the air and in shape! This move will tone and tighten not only your glues, but it'll work your abs as well. See more here.

glute bridge with leg lift

46. V-Sit with Pilates Ring: If you want to round off that booty, try using your Pilates ring. It's s great way to tone! Try it out.

47. Donkey Kicks: Get your bubble butt back with this move! It's great for toning and will help you to get some balance! Learn it here.

48. Step Up: Use a stool, a step or anything else low to the ground as long it is stable. It's a great low-impact move that tones your booty. Click here for more info.

49. Knee Crossover Kick: Step up your workout with this! By placing the dumbbell in your knee, you are really adding a challenge and ensuring you won't cheat yourself in this move! Learn it here.

50. Kneeling Resistance Band Kickbacks: Using your resistance band, you can really challenge yourself. It's a great tool for changing up your routine and to target a specific muscle. To learn this move, click here.