Real Tips From Women Who Have Lost 30 Pounds Or More

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How many times have you lost 10 pounds, just to put it back on again? Weight loss is hard, but these women have been through it and understand what it takes to see a dip on the scale for good. Check out how much weight they lost and how they did it!

1. Lindsay Klix | 60 pounds: After having some initial success with Weight Watchers, Lindsay started to see the dreaded weight loss plateau. So she began resistance training two to three days a week, and now says that she has worked her way up to exercising every day. After yet another weight loss plateau, the 37-year-old mother of two decided to clean up her diet for good, cutting out most processed foods and swapping in healthier choices. Lindsay also started utilizing Natalie Jill's online workouts and swears by plank variations, squats, lunges and other bodyweight exercises.

Another factor Lindsay says contributed to her overall success? Her lifelong love of pottery making.

"As I lost more and more weight, I had more energy and was able to work on my pottery at night," Lindsay said. "This alone was a great motivator to keep going on the weight loss journey. As my weight got lower, my confidence got higher and I made a decision to launch my pottery business, Off Your Rocker Pottery."

Perhaps the key to long term success (Lindsay lost the weight over the course of 20 months and has been maintaining her goal weight of 128 pounds for over a year) is finding something you're passionate about. Lindsay also knew she wasn't going to lose the weight fast, and decided to make a lifestyle change rather than attempt a crash diet.

"I did not gain all of my weight overnight or in 21 days, so I knew I couldn't take it off that fast either," Lindsay said. "I believe much of my success is due to my approach to change things little by little, one step at a time. I certainly indulge from time to time and never feel guilty about it. If you have a bad diet day, it happens, just do better tomorrow. Keep at it and you will reach your goal."

lindsay klix before and after
(Photo: Courtesy Lindsay Klix)

2. Saralyn Himes | 36 pounds: A weight loss challenge motivated Saralyn to lose 36 pounds in 88 days. For the challenge, Saralyn made three major lifestyle changes:

  • She cut out sugary drinks
  • She drank five 12-ounce glasses of water every day
  • She walked 7,500 steps every day

Over time, Saralyn also drastically cut fried foods and swapped white flour, rice and sugar with whole grains.

before and after saralyn himes
(Photo: Courtesy Lewis Global Communications)

3. Kimberly Faith | 100 pounds: After reading a report that a parents' weight is likely to influence their child's, Kimberly made the decision to change her life for good. Her daughter was five years old and Kimberly was tired of losing 20-30 pounds just to gain it back again. Check out Kimberly's three best tips for dropping weight for good:

  • Always eat off salad-size plates. "I finally figured out I did not need the calories that came with filling a large dinner plate," Kimberly said. The smaller plate helped me eat less from the start. I could go back for more if I was still hungry, but then I was consciously making a choice. Before, I would just eat everything on the plate because it was there."
  • Split meals when eating out at restaurants. "I always try to split a meal with someone if I can find a willing partner. If not, I order a kid size portion when possible. [...] Restaurants are NOT designed to keep us healthy. There is never a reason in the universe to ever supersize anything! Coming to terms with this has made all of the difference."
  • Utilize fresh vegetable juicing. "I am a huge fan of fresh vegetable juicing with lots of green vegetables.  I find it curbs my sugar cravings and makes me feel incredible."

Kimberly's biggest piece of advice for women trying to lose weight?

"Do the inner work necessary to release limiting beliefs, outdated ideas, and burdens we no longer need to carry. I found that all of the external work like diet and exercise was only half the battle. Understanding that changed my outlook on life and my relationship with food. I have now stayed within 10 pounds of my goal weight for well over a decade."

kimberly faith before and after
(Photo: Courtesy of Kimberly Faith)

4. Connie Houlihan | 104 pounds: At 43 years old, Connie Houlihan was overweight, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, had high blood pressure, and struggled with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). In one year she lost 104 pounds and no longer has to take medication for her diabetes and high blood pressure — her days of struggling with PCOS are gone! Connie attributes her lifestyle change to a natural weight management system and steady exercise. Connie walks through her subdivision for 20-30 minutes a day, four or five days a week — that's about 8,000 steps a day! Although she does not have a tangible workout buddy, she does talk to her best friend, who lives five hours away, on a headset. She says it’s “fun to have a walking partner, even if he’s not physically with me.”

connie houlihan before and after
(Photo: Courtesy Bolt PR)

5. Maria Siasat | combined 99 pounds: Maria successfully lost the baby weight after both her pregnancies just six months after giving birth for a combined 99 pounds. She says she eliminated dairy (except for the occasional latte, duh), cut carbs after 5 p.m., cut sugar 80 percent of the time, eliminated fried foods and chips, and drank two liters of water every day. She made skinny swaps, like eating an omelet in place of toast and jam. She walked 45 minutes a day, pushing the stroller up and down hills. She says the biggest help in getting rid of her belly fat was a detox tea. She drank it for two weeks with a clean diet and saw awesome results! Get her recipe:

  • green tea
  • lemon myrtle
  • guarana
  • spearmint
  • calendula
  • dandelion root
  • fennel seed
maria fadous
(Photo: Courtesy Maria Siasat)

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