Top Trainers Share Exactly What to Do With 15 Minutes at the Gym

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Bored of your same old workout routine? It's important to keep your body guessing at what kind of activity you're going to do next — that way, it's always working hard and burning mass calories and fat. Check out these eight workouts from Cosmo that we know you're going to love.

Top Trainers Share Exactly What to do With 15 Minutes at the Gym

1. Booty circuits: This workout from Christine Bullock, creator of the popular fitness programs Super Shred and Evolution 20, works your glutes and burns tons of fat.

booty circuit christine bullock
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2. Upper and lower body workout: Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21-Day Fix, shares her favorite 15-minute workout that burns your upper and lower body.

upper and lower body autumn calabrese
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3. Tabata workout: Fitness trainer Bianca Vesco says to do Tabata sprints, then a few strength training moves.

cardio and strength tabata workout bianco vesco
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4. A pick-me-up workout: Tone It Up girls Karena and Katrina share a killer 15-minute workout you'll go back to time and time again. Grab some dumbbells and get started!

tone it up workout
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5. A full-body workout: YouTube star and personal trainer Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck shares her awesome total-body workout.

kelsey lee hollenbeck bodyweight
(Photo: Image via Cosmo)

6. Butt, arms and ab towel workout: Can't make it to a SoulCycle studio? Dim the lights and do this towel workout from YouTube fitness star and SoulCycle instructor Kym Perfetto.

soul cycle kym perfetto butt arms and abs towel workout
(Photo: Image via Cosmo)

7. Core workout: Miami, Florida-based trainer Elizabeth Bracero shares a slimming, core-sculpting workout.

elizabeth bracero core
(Photo: Image via Cosmo)

8. Pilates in 15 minutes: Lisa Corsello, creator of Burn Pilates, shares a 15-minute Pilates workout to make your muscles burn.

pilates lisa corsello
(Photo: Image via Cosmo)

Do you do any of these workouts already? Which ones are you going to add to your fitness arsenal? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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