These 17 Exercises Burn Calories Like No Other

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Be gone, fat! The "extra love" adhering to your waistline, thighs, butt and arms can go right into the fire. You already know cardio can burn fat, but what about strength training? You bet! When you contract muscles under added resistance, it takes a lot of energy to control the movement. With each contraction, you're doing "damage" to the muscle fibers — in other words, you're making a mess and your body uses even more energy after your workout to clean it up. The surrounding fat cells are used as resources for this tidying up; therefore, you burn fat! Check out these moves below and add them to your next workout.

1. Hamstring Curl with Stability Ball: Lie on your back and prop your feet up on the stability ball. Squeeze the butt to lift and curl the heels toward the hips without letting them sag. You'll feel this through your entire posterior chain from the hamstrings through the glutes and into the upper back. Lock the core down to help you stabilize! Click here for more details.

2. Ball Slams: Nothing beats a bad day like throwing a heavy object to the ground as hard as you can over and over again. Take out your frustrations with a few sets of ball slams! Get the breakdown here.


3. Battle Rope Waves with Squat: If you can get your hands on a battle rope, don't let go. This piece of equipment is pure insanity for both strength and cardio. Wrap it around an anchor point and grab both ends with either hand. Dip into a squat and keep your chest lifted, elbows into your sides and slap the rope to make small waves. You'll transform your arms, shoulders, back and legs in one full swoop. Get more ideas for a rope burn here!

rope training workout for upper body

4. Curtsy Lunge with Glider: This will target that pesky outer-butt area while warming up the thighs. Stay lifted through the torso and take this one nice and slow for a deeper burn. Bookmark it here.


5. V Sit Incline Press: Not going to lie, this move is tough! Get the play-by-play on how to do it here or you can give it a shot with your feet on the ground.


6. Side Step with Resistance Band: This super simple move burns so good! It will knock the fat cells off your legs in no time! See more on it here.

Resistance Band Squat Step_ALL brooke girffin skinnymom

7. Bridge with Leg Lift: Take your booty gains to another level. This is a tough one! Keep the hips square to the floor and find your balance. Click here to get tips on lowering and lifting in the move.

glute bridge with leg lift

8. Pelvic Push with Resistance Band: For women everywhere, this move is your new best friend. You might not recognize your butt after a few solid sets! Check it out here.


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Check out more fat-burning strength exercises on the next page!

9. Single Leg Squat on Step: Put those steps to use with a little leg training. Even a couple inches will do the trick! Get more of a breakdown here.


10. Split Lunge with Bicep Curl: When you're crunched for time and trying to tone up, incorporate compound exercises like this one. By elevating the back leg, you're putting more weight into the front leg, which is your focus. Your arms and legs will be burning so much you won't even realize your abs are firing, too! Get coordinated with this move here.

split lunge with bicep curl

11. Kettlebell Pass-Through Lunges: One way to ensure you're getting low enough in your lunges is to include a pass-through. This low lunge with added weight will give you a little cardio workout, too! Add this move to your favorites here.

kettlebell pass through lunges brooke griffin move 2

12. Thrusters: For a serious strength-training move, pick up a heavy barbell or free weights and get to work. Put this move into overdrive for a big-time fat burner! See how you can maximize your workout here.


13. Spiderwoman Pushups: Really, any kind of pushup is a great choice for strength training and fat burning. This one really works the core and pushes the upper body with all the muscle fibers crunching at the same time. Get inspired here.

spiderwoman pushup

14. Plié with Calf Raise: Take a page out of a barre workout with a plié hold and calf raise. By staying low in a constant contraction, your inner thighs won't know what hit 'em! Click here to see more details.


15. Reverse Fly: On a bench, stability ball, sitting or standing, you can work the chest, arms and upper back with a couple free weights. Go ahead and go heavy on this one, taking fewer reps. See how to use the stability ball with it here.

Reverse Fly

16. Bent Over Row: Stick with a heavy set of dumbbells to get the arms and back in fierce shape! This means going 8 to 25 pounds in each hand. Oh yeah! Get more on this power move here.


17. Sled Push: Take over the sled at your gym by dropping low behind it and using your legs to power your speed. Push high and low to burn up the legs and throw a little cardio into the mix. Your butt, thighs and back will thank you. See how you can use sled pushes and more to transform yourself in just six weeks!