A Motivational Weight Loss Transformation We Can All Learn From

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In July of 2015, Haley Smith got engaged. Happy, happy, happy, right? Well... kind of. Smith said because of the weight she put on, she didn't recognize herself in the engagement photos.

"When Matt proposed last year, I saw my pictures and didn't even recognize myself. My whole adult life, I have struggled with my weight, but this was my highest. I had let myself go and didn't even realize how far I had gotten," Smith wrote on Instagram.

"On that day, I made up my mind to make a change. I was tired of hiding in pictures, getting winded walking across a parking lot, skipping out on activities, feeling lazy and most of all being embarrassed of myself."


Smith says that she lost the weight by buckling down on her diet and fitness routine — and by using an awesome weight loss tool!


"No ONE thing made me how I am today," she wrote. "It was a combination of about every health and fitness option I could find. So don't think there's some magic pill, wrap, gym membership, meal, vitamin, app, surgery, diet, workout, waist trainer, book, hypnosis, shake, powder or anything else that will just do it for you."

Check out her seriously impressive motivation system.


Even without an upcoming wedding day, that's motivation enough to hit the gym every day!

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