7 Women Share the Little Things That Tell Them Their Relationships Are Rock Solid

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Whether you just started dating or you don't flinch when he farts anymore, chances are the moments that make you appreciate your relationship aren't grand romantic gestures. It's the little moments or everyday habits that mean the most.

Jennifer Freed, Ph.D., a relationship and family therapist, says that the little moments in a relationship are the pearls that string together the meaning in our lives. “You know your relationship is solid when you catch the smallest affectionate detail and appreciate it," says Freed. Those tiny actions are just as important as the time you spend together and your shared history, she says.

Here, seven women share the number one thing their partners do to remind them their bonds are stable.

1. He leaves me notes in my lunch bag. "My husband and I have been married for more than five years and dated for six years before that. You would think that our relationship would get boring by now, but he reminds me he loves me by writing love notes and putting them in my lunch bag each day. I usually make my lunch before going to bed and somehow he always sneaks it in." —Denise W., 38

2. He sends me Snapchat videos. "I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years, and I still get a good laugh from the videos he sends me of himself via Snapchat. And it’s not even like he’s trying to make me laugh. I just love him so much that I crack up out of adoration." —Kelly W., 26

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3. We have a bedtime ritual. "We have been married for 10 years and every night our bedtime ritual is to make out like we're teenagers. We’ve done this on nights when we were incredibly tired and when we were mad at each other. It's the best. It's a good reminder of how amazing our relationship is." —Wendy D., 36

4. He's the best listener I know. "When something is bothering me, my boyfriend never fails to give me his full attention. He puts his cellphone down and actively listens to me speak. That shows me how much he cares about me!" —Jackie G., 31

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