3 Major Tips You Have to Try From a 51-Year-Old Mom Who Lost 92 Pounds

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Charlene Bazarian put on weight for years. Ten pounds in college, a little more after she got married, a bit more during her first pregnancy, and all of a sudden she weighed 208 pounds.

“I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, blamed a bad metabolism and hypoactive thyroid,” the 51-year-old attorney said. “It was a balance of self-pity, self-disgust and just downright disbelief.”

As she grew older, she realized she was becoming a "spectator" to her own life. “Everything I did involved watching or reading about other people, and I was on the sidelines,” she said. “I used to go for bike rides, play racquetball, take dance lessons, and one by one these things stopped as I got older.”

charlene bazarian
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Her aha moment came when a complimentary one-size-fits-all robe at a spa didn't fit. She was mortified, and resolved to make a change.

She started with at-home workout DVDs, setting mini five- or ten-pound goals for herself. Her rewards when she met those goals weren't based around foods, but instead things like manicures or massages.

Once she lost some weight, she joined a pretty hardcore bodybuilding-type gym — to learn, not compare herself. "I firmly believe that envy gets you nowhere," she said. "I didn’t try to compare myself to others but rather checked out the types of workouts other people were doing to be inspired."

charlene bazarian
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Bazarian also learned to cut heavy foods from her diet, like bread, pasta, mayo, cheese and heavy sauces.

She relentlessly chipped away at her figure, and people began to notice — and that's how she became a fitness blogger.

“After I lost the weight, a few friends messaged me on Facebook asking how I did it. Helping others with their fitness journeys led to my starting a blog and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. I feel tremendous joy in sharing the information and encouragement that I wish had been available to me when I began my own journey, and it’s truly a labor of love.”

Photo via Fitfluential
(Photo: Photo via Fitfluential)

Check out Charlene Bazarian's top three tips for weight loss:

1. You're no busier than a fit person.

2. Make your workouts like brushing your teeth: something you do without question.

3. Don't get comfortable with some success.

What do you think? Could you follow Bazarian's weight loss advice? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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