6 Women Share the One Mistake Holding Them Back From Weight Loss

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Losing weight is such a tricky concept; you could think that you're doing everything right, when in reality there are one or two small adjustments to be made that would set your weight loss results over the top. If you're exercising and eating right but seeing little to no results, you're not alone. Six women share the one mistake they made over the years that was sabotaging their weight loss success.

1. "I didn't watch my portion sizes."

"The most eye-opening thing for me was realizing that I’m an overeater and the foods I thought were healthy were far from it. So, I educated myself on what a healthy diet actually looked like. I evaluated what I typically eat and looked into the nutritional values. I was floored when I added everything up. I was eating enough calories, carbohydrates, and sodium for two people! I was disgusted. Even though I was working out frequently, my diet was sabotaging my progress. When I decided it was time to make a change, I delved into Pinterest and began planning out my meals for the week. I knew tracking my diet via an app or notebook wasn’t something I would maintain, so meal prepping was key. I purchased a large lunch bag and filled it each morning with my healthy snacks and meals for the day. This forced me to stick to the food I brought with me—there was no temptation to overeat." —Dina Jorge-Rogers, lost 67 pounds

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2. "I wasn't eating enough calories."

When Kelsey Byers gained 50 pounds in college, she tried to lose it by cutting her calorie count nearly in half. She was eating 1,100-1,2000 calories a day, yet seeing the weight continue to pile on. “Some people eat healthy foods during the day,” she said, “but if they don’t eat enough, they want to binge-eat at night. Make sure you are eating enough so that you feel satisfied. I aim for 20 to 25 grams of protein and carbs per meal.” Kelsey Byers, lost 10 dress sizes

Image via KelseyByers.com
(Photo: Image via KelseyByers.com)

3. "I didn't lift weights."

"The biggest mistake I made was not lifting weights. During the first six months of my fitness journey, I lost 20 pounds by eating less and doing cardio, but then I plateaued for years. I used the elliptical for an hour, five days a week, and I started running three to five days a week, up to eight miles at a time. I even started doing yoga and taking cycling classes. Sometimes I'd even do two classes back to back. But when I finally started lifting weights, specifically circuit training, and really pushed myself to go as heavy as I could, I lost another 15 pounds. I was blown away that my body could change. I mean, I really thought that I had tried it all." Kyra Williams, lost 35 pounds

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4. "I was eating processed foods."

After seeing some success with Weight Watchers and resistance training, Lindsay Klix experienced a weight loss plateau. It wasn't until she cleaned up her diet for good, cutting out most processed foods, that she started to see results again. She also had a passion driving the reason why she wanted to lose weight: her lifelong pottery business. “As I lost more and more weight, I had more energy and was able to work on my pottery at night,” Lindsay said. “This alone was a great motivator to keep going on the weight loss journey. As my weight got lower, my confidence got higher and I made a decision to launch my pottery business, Off Your Rocker Pottery.” Lindsay Klix, lost 60 pounds

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5. "I started my day with sugar."

"My weight kept creeping up until I was 202 pounds. As a registered nurse, I knew this was bad, but I just couldn't figure it out. It wasn't like I was eating a terrible diet. I decided to try eliminating excess sugars and starches from my diet. That's when I realized that I was sabotaging myself by starting every morning with a cup of yogurt for breakfast. That little cup had a whopping 29 grams of sugar in it. The American Heart Association recommends 25 grams of sugar an entire day, so by the time I had finished breakfast, I was already over the limit for good health and weight loss. Today, I am more aware of how many added sugars are in foods that are marketed as healthy. By switching my breakfast from a high-sugar yogurt to eggs and breakfast meats, I set my day up for success." —Mary Favia, lost 53 pounds

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6. "I didn't meal plan."

Becky Huff started a Booty Boot Camp regimen of five 45-minute HIIT workouts per week, but wasn't seeing the results she thought she should be. And then she realized: She wasn't paying enough attention to her meals. She made the switch to eating whole foods and never looked back. After planning her meals for the week every Sunday, Becky says that within three months she lost 30 pounds. Becky Huff, lost 30 pounds

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