What Will It Take to Burn off Your Thanksgiving Meal?

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While Thanksgiving is wonderful for spending time with family and counting your blessings, it can also be a dangerous time of year for your waistline. While it may be tempting to stuff your face as well as that turkey, it's important to think about the big picture. Don't forget about portion control on Thanksgiving — check out what it takes to work off that big Thanksgiving meal! 

Six ounces of turkey = 340 calories. To burn that off, you'd have to run a Turkey Trot 5K, or run for 30 minutes.

cooked turkey

Half a cup of mashed potatoes with a quarter cup of gravy = 165 calories. It will take 35 minutes of weight training plus 50 burpees to burn those off!

rosemary garlic mashed potatoes

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Half a cup of stuffing = 180 calories, or 10 minutes of running the stairs.

Ciabatta Stuffing with Chestnuts and Pancetta; Giada De Laurentiis

A quarter cup of cranberry sauce= 104 calories, or 100 pushups

Photo Credit: All Day I Dream About Food
(Photo: All Day I Dream About Food)

One buttered dinner roll = 180 calories, or 20 minutes of flag football with the family after dinner!

Dinner Rolls
(Photo: Karla Atkins)

Half a cup of sweet potato casserole = 149 calories, or 18 minutes of spinning.

sweet potato casserole
(Photo: Cupcakes OMG)

Half a cup of green bean casserole = 115 calories, or 14 minutes of dancing

Photo Credit: Carolina Lifestyles
(Photo: Carolina Lifestyles)

One slice of pumpkin pie = 280 calories, or one hour of yoga

skinny mom pumpkin pie

A glass of red wine = 25 calories, or 35 minutes of walking

glass of red wine

If you want to burn the entire meal off as a whole, you could consider one of the following: 2.8 hours of running the stairs, 3.8 hours of jumping rope, 5.25 hours of circuit training, 7 hours of biking or 10.5 hours of power yoga.

Remember, a healthy relationship with food involves a healthy balance, and it's important not to deprive yourself. It's all about planning around "naughty" food indulgences!

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