18 Heart-Pumping Bodyweight Moves For a Full-On Sweatfest

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Who needs to spend hours on the treadmill when you can get your heart-pumping cardio on in less than 20 minutes? Maximize your time and see results faster with these 18 incredibly effective bodyweight moves. Throw on your favorite fitness gear (a girl's gotta look cute when working up a sweat, right?) and let's get started!

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1. Mountain Climbers: Start off with this core-tightening move! Keep your shoulders and wrists aligned and switch feet as fast as you can without slouching. See more details here.

Mountain Climbers

2. Frog Jumps: Who said a workout can't be fun? You might feel a little silly performing these jumps, but it's a killer lower body move. Check it out here.

Frog Jumps

3. Jumping Lunges: You'll really feel the burn in your thighs with this one. It combines strength and cardio; what more could you ask for? Click to see details!

jumping lunges

4. Up and Overs: This little exercise is mighty! Go as quickly as you can, but keep your core engaged to stabilize your body. Check your form with these photos.

up and overs gif

5. High Knees: Your heart will be pumping hard after this one! You'll feel it in your core and lower body as you get those knees up high. Here's how it's done!


6. 180-Degree Squat Jump: Fly through the air (a little) with this controlled move. The key to this exercise is sinking low into your squat each time you land and exploding with your thighs when you jump! See more here.

180 Degree Squat Jump

7. Burpees: The dreaded burpees will kick your butt, but you'll see results fast! Add a pushup at the bottom of the move if you're up for a real challenge. Click here to see move details!

Burpee with Pushup

8. Ab Roll Up: Let your tummy do the work with this move. Keep your abs engaged and use them to control every movement. Check it out here.

Ab Roll Ups

9. Football Drill: Show your fast feet, girl! This move may seem easy, but it'll get your heart pumping quickly! Channel your inner linebacker here.

Football Drill

10. Switch Kicks: This total body torcher looks simple, but it'll leave you sore! You'll feel the burn in your triceps, core and thighs. Start switchin' it up here.

Switch Kicks

11. Skaters: Skaters will leave you with sweat pouring and your blood flowing. It's a pretty fun move to try, too! Here's how to do the move.


12. Sprint in place: You've got this move down! If staying in place is boring, build a track path (more like an obstacle course) throughout your home. Click here for more details!


13. Prisoner Jacks: For an intense cardio move, try prisoner jacks. Sounds easy; it's not. Check it out here.

Prisoner Jacks

14. Baboon Jumps: Work your core and quads with this jump. This will help your agility and strength in ways you didn't even know existed. Here's the move.


15. Tuck Jump: Channel your inner cheerleader and see how long you can last performing tuck jumps! See more here.


16. Crossover Lunge: Work your inner thighs with this lunge variation. It looks like a slow-moving exercise, but you'll feel the burn with every rep. Check it out!


17. Heisman: You're almost done! Keep that heart pumpin' with another football-inspired drill. Here's how.


18. Cross Jacks: Because jumping jacks are so last year. Mix it up and finish strong with good form on your cross jacks. Check it out here!

cross-jack-bothAnd you're all done! Don't forget to throw your smelly clothes in the laundry with a capful of Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator. You want the effects of this heart-pumping workout to show on your body, not linger on your workout gear. If you want to eliminate the toughest of odors in your laundry, Febreze In-Wash is the product you need. Click here to learn more about Febreze In-Wash and grab a special coupon!

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