58 Game-Changing Exercises That’ll Transform Your Thighs

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If you've been aching for lean legs and toned inner thighs, this is for you. A collection of nearly 60 muscle-sculpting moves to work all areas of the thighs (and more!) will be more than enough to get you well on your way to those gorgeous gams you've been envisioning. Beginners should create a sequence of the moves below and complete three sets of 10-15 reps. Those at advanced levels should create a sequence of the moves below and complete each move as many times as possible for 60 seconds.

1. Plank Jack: This exercise adds a whole new level of heat to your traditional plank! For more instructions, click here.

Plank Jacks

2. Plie Squat into Side Kick: This twist on the squat will make your whole body burn! Keep your core engaged to stay balanced. Watch the video below, then click here for details.

3. Side to Side Speed Plank: You will really feel the burn with this variation! Focus on keeping your back straight — and don't forget to breathe! Click here for a closer look.


4. Step-Up: You will feel this move all through your legs! Just make sure to keep your shoulders back as you step to maintain good posture. For further instructions, click here.

5. Donkey Kick Plank: If you really want to target those abs and glutes, then this is the perfect move for you! If you need more instructions, just click here.

donkey kick plank

6. Side Leg Lift: The incorporation of a resistance band into this move will really work those muscles! Remember to keep your hips aligned, one over the other, as you lay on your side. Click here for more details.


7. Inverted V Plank: If you are looking for stronger core and calf muscles, then look no further! Just make sure you do not round your back as you hold the position. For directions, click here.

inverted v plank

8. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick: Just a couple reps of this exercise will make those thighs burn, so remember to pace yourself! Check out the video below or, for more detailed directions, click here.

9. Inch Worm: The slower you go, the more you'll feel this move in your abs! You can even hold the plank position for a couple seconds before returning to the starting position for an extra burn. Click here for instructions.


10. Crossover Lunge: This exercise targets your thighs, glutes and abs for a compound move that is sure to bring on the sweat! For further instructions, click here.

crossover lunge new

11. Dumbbell Deadlift: Deadlifts are notorious for their ability to work those hamstrings and quads! Be sure to keep your back straight as you bend to avoid injury! Click here for more details.

Romanian deadlift

12. Lunge and Lift With Bicep Curl: The knee lifts in this exercise really engage your core, so make sure you keep those abs tight as you lift! If you need some pointers, click here!

walking lunge with leg lift

13. Boat Crunch: You will be shocked by how much this move will make those legs ache! Be sure to keep your tummy tucked in as you stretch your legs out. Click here for more details.

14. Split Lunge with Bicep Curl: By keeping your foot propped up, you will really hit those hamstrings and glutes! Stay as upright as possible as you lunge to engage those core muscles. Click here for more information.

split lunge with bicep curl

15. Squat Step with Resistance Band: The resistance band will help you target the outside of those thighs! Keep your head and shoulders back as you squat to maintain a strong posture. If you need more information, just click here!

skinny mom squat step with resistance band

16. Thigh Sweep: Brace yourself: You are really going to feel the burn in your thighs and glutes with this exercise! Make sure you keep your knees from bending as you swing your leg. For more information, click here.


17. Squat with Kettlebell: Not only will these squats hit those thighs, but you also get a great shoulder exercise with the kettlebells! Just make sure to keep your back straight as you squat to avoid any injuries. Click here for more details.


18. Squat Press with Resistance Band: This is also a great way to target your shoulders while working those thighs and glutes. Keep your arms completely straight as you lift the resistance band for the best results! Need some help? Click here!

19. Plank Tuck Twist: This move takes the plank to a whole new level! With this exercise, you've got to balance, tuck that tummy, and keep those arms as strong as possible. For further instructions, click here.


20. Kneeling Side Crunch: This is the perfect exercise if you are looking to target your obliques. Try not to slouch as you lift that leg, though! If you need more information, go ahead and click here.

kneeling side crunch

21. Ab Roll Up: This exercise will hit all areas of your abs! Just be sure to get enough momentum as you roll forward and up into your jump. For more directions, click here.

22. Ab Clap: Make sure that you remember to keep breathing throughout this exercise! If you are looking for an additional challenge, try strapping on some light ankle weights. Click here for more information.

Ab-Clap ALL workout by brooke griffin skinnymom

23. Plie Squat with Calf Raise: Get those quads nice and strong with this simple exercise! If you need some clarification, just click here.


24. Kickback Pulse: This exercise will really target those inner thighs and glutes. Just make sure you keep those hips in one place as you kick back your leg! For further instructions, click here.

25. Bridge: Bridges are a great way to hit those glutes and core muscles! Keep pushing your hips toward the ceiling throughout the exercise to keep those abs engaged. Click here for more details.


26. Tip Toe Squats: With just a couple reps of these babies, you will really be able to feel the burn in your calves! Keep your back as straight as possible as you squat down. Click here for directions after watching the video below.

27. Tripod Pushup: Crank up the heat — and your heart rate — with this fantastic full-body move! The leg lift targets your glutes, thighs, and calves, while the pushup hits your chest, back, and arms! Click here for full instructions.


28. Pistol Squat: This advanced variation on the squat is sure to whip your booty into shape. Just remember that posture is the most important part — work your way up to the full butt-to-floor squat! Click here for more details.


29. Walking Lunge with Dumbbells: The deeper you sink into the lunge, the more you will feel the burn! For a modification, try ditching the dumbbells and put your hands on your hips instead. Click here for more instructions.

walking lunges

30. Lunge to Single Leg Deadlift: This move is all about balance, so it may take a couple tries to really get the hang of it! Just be sure to move nice and slow so you don't tip over. For more detailed instructions, just click here.

Leaning Lunge Combo Grouped

31. Crossover Step Up: This is a great exercise if you are looking for a way to target your calves and outer thighs. If you need an extra challenge, try throwing in a dumbbell curl when you step up! Click here if you need more information.

32. Figure 8 Squat with Kettlebell: This move will kick your whole body into gear! Make sure you take your time so you can really feel the burn as you squat down. If the kettlebell is too much, go ahead and ditch it or grab a lighter weight! For more instructions, click here.

33. Side Lunge Row: This compound exercise targets your delts, lats, and thighs for a move that is sure to make you sweat! As you lift the dumbbell, make sure you allow your wrists to flex naturally to avoid injury. Click here for further instructions. 

side lunge row

34. Scorpion Twist: This move will not only increase your flexibility, but it will also hit those ever-elusive core muscles, thighs, and glutes. Don't be surprised if you feel your back crack a little! If you need more instructions, just click here.

scorpion twist grouped

35. Weighted Leg Circles: They might not seem like much, but these ankle weight circles are sure to have you sweating in no time! Just be sure to keep your hips parallel to each other and completely still as you complete your leg circles. For more information, click here.

Weighted Leg circles

36. Reverse Lunge Twist with Medicine Ball: These twists are difficult enough on their own, but throw in a weighted ball and you will feel those abs flexing! Not to mention, your thighs will be on fire after just a couple reps. If you need more details on how to do this exercise, just click here.


37. Knee Strikes: This move will give you an exhilarating burst of energy! As you keep your core muscles engaged, just pretend like you're grabbing and kneeing someone in the gut. The more power you put into this move, the more you will feel it! For helpful guidelines, just click here!


38. Reverse Plank with Leg Raise: Talk about a full-body workout! This exercise will hit your shoulders, triceps, core muscles, butt, and legs, and you will definitely feel the burn. Keep your hips lifted towards the ceiling the whole time in order to avoid injuring your wrists and shoulders. For more information, click here!

39. Knee Crossover Kick: This exercises targets your inner thighs and glutes, and in just a few reps you will really feel the burn! Make sure you keep your hands directly under your shoulders for the optimum position. If you need an extra challenge, just stick a dumbbell behind your knee! Click here for more details.

knee crossover kickback

40. Side Leg Lift on Stability Ball: The stability ball may not be as stable as it sounds! Engage your core muscles in order to stay balanced as you slowly raise your leg. If you keep your hips still, you will be able to feel the burn in your glutes and legs in no time! For more information, click here.

41. Hamstring Ball Tuck: Who knew that all you needed to really make those hamstrings work was a stability ball? You will be shocked by how much your legs burn after just a couple tucks! Keep that booty off the floor the whole time to really engage those core muscles. Click here for a more in-depth description!

Hamstring ball tuck skinnymom brooke griffin

42. Scissor Legs: Make sure you keep your lower back on the floor as you scissor your legs. It will help engage those core muscles, and you will feel the burn from the waist down! If you need more information, just click here.

scissor kick

43. Side Step with Crossed Resistance Band: In order to keep your balance as you step up, clench those core muscles. You will feel the burn in your core and legs in no time! For more information, click here.


44. Step-Up with Bicep Curl: This move gives you the opportunity to work those thighs and your shoulders! Be sure to keep those arms as straight as possible as you lift them over your head. For more details on this exercise, click here!

step0up with bicep curl

45. Flutter Kicks: Lower abs can be almost impossible to hit but lucky for you, flutter kicks are one of the best ways to target those lower muscles! Just make sure to keep your back as straight as you can while you kick your feet. For more directions, click here.

flutter kicks all

46. Fire Hydrant: Be sure to keep those hands directly under your shoulders as you lift your leg slowly. Try not to overextend your leg as you lift, and stop when you are parallel with your hip. For further directions, click here.

fire hydrant

47. Bench Squat: This squat will really crank up the heat! It's you versus gravity in this exercise, so make sure you squat slowly and concentrate on keeping your weight in your heels. Click here for more information on how to do this move.


48. Weighted Jumping Jack: Bored of all those traditional jumping jacks? Why not give this weighted variation a shot? You will feel the burn in your thighs and shoulders in no time! Click here to see how it's done!


49. Burpee: While the burpee is one of the most dreaded exercises out there, it is also one of the most effective! So set aside your hesitation, and embrace the sweat! For a complete guide on how to do a burpee, click here after watching the video below.

50. Wood Chopper with Medicine Ball: Talk about targeting those obliques! This exercise will have your heart rate up in no time. As you lift the medicine ball, make sure you are thrusting from legs rather than your back. For more information, click here.

wood chopper skinnymom brooke griffin move 1

51. Wall Sit: Just because you get to sit, doesn't mean this exercise is going to be relaxing! As you lean against the wall, with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle, make sure your entire back is in contact. For an added challenge, go ahead and stretch one leg straight out! For details, click here.

Brooke and wall sit

52. Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl: This is a great compound move that will target your inner thighs and your biceps! Remember to keep your weight as far back in your heels as you can so that you are able to really sit back into that squat. For more instructions, click here.


53. Standing Fire Hydrant with Squishy Ball: This variation on the fire hydrant will really crank up the heat! Focus on moving slowly as you clasp the training ball behind your knee. By squeezing your leg around the ball, you will also hit those glutes! Click here for more information.

standing fire hydrant

54. Ball Slams: This move requires strength and coordination! Keep your eyes on the ball as you raise out of the squat and toss it into the air. Modify this move by simply holding the ball over your head as you rise to a standing position. It may target the upper back, but you thighs will burn soon after trying these! For more detailed instructions, click here.


55. Power Squat: Be prepared to really feel the burn in your quads with this exercise! Keeping your hands tucked behind your head should help you stay balanced as you squat down. For a modification, try a more shallow squat, and simply come to a standing position, rather than jumping. Click here for more details.

power squat

56. Reverse Lunge: In order to maintain the best possible posture for this exercise, make sure that your torso remains upright as you step back, and make sure that your weight settles into your back toes. For a more detailed description, click here!


57. Front Kick with Dumbbells: Stand as straight as you can as you kick one leg out at a time, locking the knee. This will help to engage those core muscles, and create a stronger foundation to stand on! Click here for more instructions.

front kick with dumbbells

58. Weighted Donkey Kick: Keep your back as straight as possible as you kick your leg up. It also helps to keep your eyes focused on the ground by your hands. If you need an extra challenge, go ahead and throw a dumbbell in the crook of your knee! Click here to see how to do this!