Life Hack: Clean Your Yoga Mat With All Natural Ingredients

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There’s nothing "zen" about settling into Child’s Pose and coming face to face with dirt and oil. Or worse, setting up for Downward Dog and catching a huge whiff of a foul smell.

If you’re using your yoga mat on a regular basis, it’s guaranteed to be covered in germs of all kinds—and not to mention loads of sweat. Most of the time immediately after we say “Namaste” we simply roll up our mat and jet out to get to our next activity of the day, unfortunately neglecting to give our trusty mats the proper care and attention they deserve.

However, getting into the routine of cleaning your mat—and cleaning it the right way—is a beneficial habit that will help make your yoga experiences healthier, cleaner and all-around more enjoyable. Help promote good hygiene and prolong your mat’s life with these tips!

What You’ll Need
Spray bottle
White vinegar
Tea tree oil
Clean sponge
Other oil of choice (we love lavender)
All-natural mat wipes

Now What?
1. When you have a little bit of time at home, mix a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle.
2. Add about 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, plus a drop of your favorite amazing-smelling oil (we love lavender for its calming effects).
3. Spritz the solution all over the front and back of your mat, then wipe it down with the clean sponge.
4. Hang your mat to dry on a clean, dry surface (but not outside, as the sun could dry and crack your mat).
5. Or if you’re in a hurry or you’re not at home, be sure to always have a few handy yoga cleaning wipes on hand (listed above) to wipe down and toss when you’re on the go.
6. Another tip? Don’t submerge your mat under water, and don’t load it down with soap, as these two things can cause your mat to become waterlogged.


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