A 7-Day Sex Challenge to Blow Your Partner’s Mind

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With everything else you have on your plate, intimacy with your partner may be the last thing on your mind. When your head hits the pillow every night, your last thoughts are most likely about the schedule for tomorrow rather than a romp in the hay with hubby. The truth is that a healthy sexual relationship is a vital part of a marriage, and you shouldn't ignore it just because you're busy. We created this mini sex challenge for you and your partner, so all you have to do is one fun, sexy thing every day for a week, and you'll see your marriage soar.

Day 1: Give or receive a massage.
In case things haven't been especially spicy in the bedroom for a while, we'll start off slow with a massage. Break out some baby oil and give your partner a sexy massage. He'll appreciate the effort and (hopefully) return the favor. Who knows where things could go once your hands are all over each other?

Day 2: Send an enticing text message.
While hubby is at work, send him a not-so-typical text that will shake up his day. In the message, describe what you're going to do to him later that night. Be creative and specific. He'll be out the office doors at five on the dot, ready to take you in his arms the minute he gets home.

Day 3: Give him a peep show.
When the two of you are getting ready for work in the morning, strut around in your bra and panties while you brush your teeth, do your makeup, etc. He will be unable to resist you. And if there isn't enough time in the morning for a quickie, you can be sure that the two of you will be quick to reunite that evening!

Day 4: Try a new position.
A new position will definitely keep things interesting in the bedroom. The same old positions can get repetitive after a while, and then it may feel as if you're just going through the motions. To avoid thinking of sex as another checkpoint on your to-do list, switch it up a bit! A position you haven't tried in a long time (or ever) can bring a new perspective to sex that can rejuvenate your sex drive.

Day 5: Try a new location.
The same goes for a new location. Try out a scandalous location like the couch in the living room, the kitchen table or even the dryer. While the bedroom is the perfect place for sex, sometimes finding a new hot spot can strengthen the broken link in your sexual relationship.

Day 6: Slip on something scandalous.
Slipping into some lingerie will get both of you in the mood in no time. You'll feel sexy and empowered while he won't be able to take his eyes (or hands) off you. Whether you prefer a sexy nurse costume or a matching lacy bra and pantie set, donning a sexy outfit can do wonders in the bedroom.

Day 7: Shower together.
While shower sex is not always the most practical, getting into a warm, steamy shower together can still get your heart thumping and blood rushing. Even if you don't like doing the deed in the shower, the built-up excitement can be the perfect foreplay for when you take it into the bedroom.

Think you can complete all seven days? Start this mini challenge tonight and see where it takes you!


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