Will Blogger Eugenia Cooney's Weight Get Her Kicked off YouTube?

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Warning: Some of the images below may be triggering.

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A Change.org petition to ban popular YouTube beauty and lifestyle vlogger Eugenia Cooney has been removed, but not before garnering nearly 20,000 signatures. Petitioners claim that 22-year-old Cooney suffers from an eating disorder and is unknowingly pressuring her fans to lose significant amounts of weight in order to look like her. The fan who started the petition asked YouTube to temporarily ban Cooney until she seeks help for her "serious underweight condition".

Cooney, who posts mainly Emo fashion and makeup videos (like Harley Quinn makeup tutorials to Hot Topic clothing overhauls), recently posted a video titled "I'm Sorry", in which she apologized to her nearly 1 million fans. "I’m sorry to anyone I’m angering or upsetting because I seriously never mean to do that," Cooney said. "I feel like so many people on the internet hate me right now and seem to think I’m a really bad person. They think I’m too skinny or have a ‘problem.’ They say I’m a bad influence on girls, but I’ve never encouraged or told people to look like me." Accusers argue she is unintentionally influencing her viewers, from young girls who have reportedly lost weight after watching Cooney’s videos to girls already struggling with anorexia who envy her figure. “My little cousin lost 17lbs because she wanted to look like Eugenia. She is now receiving care,” wrote one commenter on the petition. “She’s only 12 years old.”

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The petition isn't the first time people have spoken out. Multiple videos about Cooney's alleged eating disorder have been created, like "Eugenia Cooney Is Not Naturally Skinny", "Eugenia Cooney The YouTuber Is Slowly Killing Herself", "Eugenia Cooney Might Die" and even "How To Get As Skinny As Eugenia Cooney" (which discusses anorexia and its health risks). After the petition was removed, a second Change.org petition was created, this time propositioning to bring back the first petition that was deleted. It reads:

"A petition was started to temporarily ban Eugenia Cooney from you tube as long as she is misleading her young impressionable viewers by claiming that her severely underweight body is 'healthy' when it is impossible for this statement to be true."

Meanwhile, Eugenia insists she is okay. "I just wish people would be less hateful and be more positive and [to] everyone who is positive, you guys are so great. Thank you to the people who care about me though, I definitely am fine." See what people are saying about the situation:

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