8 Sexy Games to Bring Into the Bedroom for a Legendary Date Night In

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Whether you’ve just started dating or you’re in it for the long haul, one thing is clear: a little variety in the bedroom is essential to keeping the spark alive. What better way to spice things up than with a little naughty fun? Try playing one of these sexy games with your partner - satisfaction guaranteed.

Truth or Dare

This classic game is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your partner, or try out a crazy new fantasy. Don’t forget to take turns, and make sure you use your truths (and dares) wisely.

Sexy Pillow Fight

What’s more fun and sexy than an underwear-only pillow fight? One rule: the one to surrender first has to perform a little sexy something for the winner. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

A or B

For this ultra-sensory game, you are blindfolded and your partner takes control (or vice versa). He or she will first touch you one way, saying “This is A” and then a second way saying, “This is B". Get creative with different parts of the body or bring in reinforcements. This will help the two of you learn more about the kinds of pleasure that you prefer, which is sometimes difficult to put in words.

Yes Yahtzee

Grab two dice and a piece of paper and write the numbers 2 through 12. Next to each number, list something you might want your partner to do to you (don't be shy!). Whatever you roll, your partner has to do the corresponding deed. Wondering what comes next for you and your partner will really build the anticipation and sexual tension you’ve been craving.

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Fantasy Hat

Write down sexual acts or fantasies you’d like to play out on pieces of paper, and ask your partner to do the same. When you’re finished, fold them up and place them in a hat (which has just become your new fantasy hat). Whenever you have time to play, be it right then, tomorrow, or next week, randomly pick a piece of paper and do whatever it says. If you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed communicating your fantasies with your partner, this is a great alternative without actually having to bring it up in conversation.

Light Me Up

Take a flashlight into the bedroom and turn off the lights. Use the light beam to show your partner what areas of your body need some attention, and then return the favor. Many people are uncomfortable having to be so direct and spell out their desires, so this game is a great solution that'll surely surprise your partner in the best way possible.

21 Questions

What better way to find out about what turns your partner on than a little game of 21 questions? Don’t worry, we won’t make you come up with all the questions yourself - we have some fun and sexy ideas for you right here.


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