12 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year

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Every year on January 1, millions of people set out to make drastic life changes. Many New Year’s resolutions end up being promises we just can’t keep: Statistics show that only 8 percent of Americans are actually successful. If you’re part of the other 92 percent, don’t worry, we are here to help! Just one successful small resolution from the list below is much better than a failed big one — besides, keeping up with these tiny life tweaks can lead to big results!

No fad diets or diet pills

Don't fall for the unrealistic promises; there’s no way to cut corners when it comes to making real, lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.

Make a 'To-Don't' list

Make a list of things NOT to do every day. It will serve as a helpful daily reminder to stay on track, and crossing things off will feel great!

Never go more than two days without exercise

Everyone needs rest days, but don'to go more than two days without substantially moving your body. Whether you take the dog for a walk, choose the stairs over the elevator or hit the gym, keep your body moving as much as possible. Try this at-home workout you can crush in 15 minutes.

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Pack your lunch

This is a great way to slash calories, and it’s easier on your wallet, too. If your schedule doesn't always allow for this, try commiting to one or two days a week and increase when possible.

Say “no” to something every week

This is a great way to get in the habit of making hard but healthy decisions. Instead of committing to saying no to something for the entire year, try saying no to a fast food craving one week, or declining an invite for a few (calorie heavy) drinks with coworkers the next.


Park further to get in more steps

If nothing else, it's a great excuse to get you moving! Katy Perry's trainer says getting 10,000 steps in a day is key to her fit figure. 

Be kind to yourself

No, we don’t mean rewarding yourself with sweets. Every time you look in the mirror, try to give yourself a compliment, and don’t say anything negative about yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend.

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Try something new every month

Like a fun fitness class, or a new workout move or machine. This will keep your workouts diverse, which will actually help you lose more weight.

Practice the “two more” rule

Add an extra two minutes on the treadmill before you break for a walk, or do two more squats before you quit. Whenever you push yourself, you’ll have an awesome sense of accomplishment.

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Get a 2017 planner

Schedule your workouts like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment or a meeting — you wouldn’t skip one of those!

New year, new plates

Using a smaller plate whenever you sit down to eat is a surefire way to cut calories. Put those big dinner dishes up on the top shelf and swap them out for salad plates.

View each day as a clean slate

Even small resolutions will be hard to keep sometimes. What’s important is that you put any slip ups behind you and don’t let them discrouage you and sabotage the rest of your day.


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