9 Ways You're Secretly Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

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You think you're on the road to a healthy, balanced life but, much to your surprise, the scale just won't budge. Before you give up on your journey altogether, consider whether you may be sabotaging your own weight loss in one of these ways.

1. Not eating enough during the day

Your days are busy, you may not be a breakfast person or you may be overly cautious about your calorie intake. But when you skimp on regular meals during the day, your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to give you energy and burn fat. You'll also be more likely to binge at night!

2. Confusing healthy food and low-calorie food

Foods like avocados, almonds and berries pack major health benefits, but if you're looking to lose weight, these smart foods should be consumed in moderation. Remember that just because a food is good for you doesn't mean you can have as much as you want.

3. Mistaking thirst for hunger

If you're feeling hungry shortly after you eat a nutritious meal, don't grab a snack! You're probably confusing thirst for hunger, so drink a glass of water rather than consuming extra calories. Hydrating your body will also promote weight loss!

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4. Underestimating serving sizes and calorie intake

Your problem may be that you're eating too much of the right foods by piling your plate. You may also be lowballing your calorie intake if you're estimating it yourself. Measure your portions for a few days or use a calorie counter to track your diet properly.

5. Not weight training

Registered dietitian and certified nutritionist Sara Ryba wrote that many of her clients rely on the treadmill or cardio workouts to lose weight. She urges her clients to integrate weight training as an integral part of weight loss. Your resting metabolism is dependent on your body's muscle, so increasing your strength increases metabolism!

6. Eating back exercised calories

How many times have you finished an intense workout only to justify treating yourself to candy bar later in the day? Your conscience may tell you it's a balance, but it doesn't work that way. The calories and sugar you consume outweigh all the hard work you did!

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7. Not sleeping enough

When you zombie your way through the day after you didn't get enough sleep, you experience increased hunger, you may drink sugary drinks to prevent a crash or you may be too tired to work out. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night may be your best key to weight loss!

8. Family and friends

Without the support and encouragement of those you spend most of your time with, you'll be more tempted to deviate from your diet. They may guilt you into going out for pizza, eating the other half of their chocolate bar or skipping the gym for a night out.

9. Weekends

Sticking to a plan during the week is just half the battle. Your weekends are more flexible and you may be tempted to treat yourself or skip the gym to spend time with family. It's great to set aside relaxation or family time, but don't make excuses! Set aside a few minutes to do an at-home workout or get active outdoors with your little ones.


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