This Exercise Can Add Years to Your Life

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Runners, rejoice!

New findings published in Progress in Cardiovascular Disease report that running doesn't just reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, but also might make you live longer.

According to Time, researchers have compared running with other similar aerobic activity — such as walking and cycling — to see if there was a way to connect a longer lifespan to a particular activity. 

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By examining existing research, researchers discovered that an hour of running equated to an additional seven hours of life. They also determined that regular runners can add up to an incredible three years onto their lifespan before it begins to level off.

Although biking and walking also added time, running had the most significant impact.

However, no direct link between running and a longer lifespan has been made. Researchers point out that many runners tend to be healthier in general — they maintain a healthy body weight, don't smoke and consume "low-to-moderate amounts of alcohol."

"Running may have the most public health benefits, but is not the best exercise for everyone since orthopedic or other medical conditions can restrict its use by many individuals," the authors wrote.

Guidelines also generally suggest a mix of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise for the best results and good health.


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