Mega Fit Mom Fights Back Against Instagram Critics Who Say She's Lying About Giving Birth

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One personal trainer and Instagram fitness star is fighting back against Internet haters who say she looks way too fit to have given birth to her five children.

Simone Gately had her five children over the course of six years: Summer, 10, Chester, 8, Blossom, 7, India, 6, and Minnie, 3. She somehow manages to work out twice a day and share her fitness advice on Instagram, even with five young kids in tow.

Not all of her 47K Instagram followers are spreading her positive vibes, however. According to Daily Mail, some are even harassing her based on her physique.

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"Absolutely no way you've ever had a child in your life," wrote one commenter. "I wonder if her body went through the toll of birthing a child," another person said."Did she adopt them?"

Despite their doubts, Gately says she is just like any other mom. "I am like any other normal mum who works and juggles the busy lives of her children," she told the Daily Mail. "My day starts at 6 a.m. with some sort of run or walk and includes the school run, helping with homework, running to the store, organizing parties and activities, while also managing to squeeze in a workout at home."

She also wants other moms to know that pregnancy weight gain is OK. "Women shouldn't feel pressure to spring back into shape straight after having babies and should take time to settle into motherhood," she told the Daily Mail.

For those moms who are ready to take on the fitness world, Gately recommends walking as much as possible, setting goals for yourself, finding a workout buddy and using a fitness tracking app like MyFitnessPal. 

"Living healthy is all about balance, variety and positivity, which is not always easy to achieve but remember what your goals are and keep making small steps towards them," she wrote on Instagram. "If you have a bad day, bad week or bad month, just draw a line under it and move forward."


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