We're Hanging Onto Every Word of Susan Sarandon's Advice on Aging Gracefully

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Judging from her shades and thumbs up, it looks like Susan Sarandon is living it up on the French Riviera at the Cannes Film Festival. It's hard to believe that the iconic star turned 70 years old in October, especially when she's rocking a glam outfit like that.

Even looking at the major throwback snap she shared on Instagram from almost 40 years ago, it's hard to tell much time has passed at all.

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The iconic star and mother of three says aging with grace is necessary to looking beautiful.

"When I hit 40, and when I became a mother, I never thought of myself as losing any of my sexuality or sensuality or curiosity and life force," she told the Daily Mail.

"It has never crossed my mind that my age would hold me back from anything. What makes you beautiful is being 'awake' in your life and being confident, and that becomes easier as you get older and care less what others think."

"When I see people who have had massive work done, to me that isn’t beauty – it is the personification of fear," she said. "Beauty comes from within, from living in gratitude and understanding that everything is out of your control."

In fact, Sarandon even said that she likes the way she looks now more so than when she sees old photos of herself.

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"I feel just as sexy as I did when I was younger – more so, in fact. I see old pictures of myself and I prefer the way I look now because I’ve had more life."

Sarandon says cardio and kickboxing kept her slim in her 40s, but her fitness habits have changed; these days, she's into a lower-impact workout.

"Ping-pong is so much fun, plus you get a great workout. You’re moving and stretching and using your brain," she told Daily Mail.

In addition to breaking a good sweat, Sarandon says she's always practiced healthy lifestyle choices like wearing sunscreen, eating right and not smoking. Last year, when she posed without makeup for the very first time, she told PEOPLE that her skincare routine is actually pretty simple:

“I use skin oil and tinted sunblock,” she said. “I’m lucky I have good skin. I definitely have lines, and underneath my eyes have definitely gotten more hollowed out, I guess, as you lose collagen.”

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As for staying as beautiful as Sarandon once you enter into older age, she says it's all about self-care.

"You have to take care of yourself. I just got my daughter a Kangen water machine to filter out toxins. To stay young and healthy, you need to weed out toxic things – and toxic people," she said.

"Oh, and laugh and have sex — if you’re lucky enough to find that — those are really important, too."

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