How to Get Superhero Sculpted Like 'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot

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When she's not busy helping the Allied Forces fight in World War II as Wonder Woman, you can most likely find Gal Gadot in the gym, on a paddleboard or practicing mixed martial arts.

While she said it took about six months to fully prep for her title role in Wonder Woman, the 32-year-old Miss Israel-turned-actress has always had a knack for staying active.

"I just keep active — everything that's challenging me, everything that I feel like doing," the mom of two told E! News. "It's not like I'm only TRX or Pilates. I do sports."

Gadot told Marie Claire for its June 2017 cover story that she grew up an active, outdoorsy kid, so it makes sense that she's the perfect candidate to play Wonder Woman. Before becoming an actress, Gadot was even a member of the Israeli Defense Force.

While she's undoubtedly a badass with or without the Lasso of Truth, Gadot still had to train plenty hard for Wonder Woman. In fact, she put on 14 pounds of muscle in order to get that Diana Prince build.

Gadot worked with trainers Hayley Bradley and Mark Twight, getting into boxing and mixed martial arts. They would mix cardio intervals on the stationary bike and rowing machine with squats, ball throws and pull-ups — two minutes full-force, then two minutes of active rest.

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While Gadot's specific workout is shrouded in secrecy, one editor from In Style was lucky enough to train Wonder Woman style with Bradley and Twight for an entire month. By the end of the 30 days, she said she had lost five pounds, had a tighter core, and could deadlift her body weight — seriously impressive. She even had her own tip for getting guns like Gadot's:

"Each day, do 30 seconds of pushups followed by a 30-second plank hold. Repeat four times."

Other tips to getting superhero strong? Drink a gallon of water a day like Gadot does. Balance each meal with protein and veggies. See food as your strength, rather than your weakness.

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"I'm a foodie and I love to experience food, but at the same time I look at food as fuel and I want to give the best to my body," Gadot told Harper's Bazaar. "I don't restrict myself; I can eat everything. It's all a matter of measurements and quantity of the food."

We're adding these tips into our fitness repertoire to get superhero sculpted ASAP — until then, we'll go ahead and enjoy the first female superhero lead in 10 years.

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