Cher's Got Some Super Smart Food and Fitness Strategies for Staying This Ridiculously Fit at 71

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While we were certainly wowed by Cher's performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, there was something else about the star that was almost as awe-inspiring as her singing — her incredible figure. The 71-year-old star made jaws drop as she accepted the coveted ICON award and performed two of her top hits wearing revealing getups that looked so good, we have no choice but to believe she really can "Turn Back Time". After the awards were over, we had to wonder — how does Cher stay fit?

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The truth is, Cher has always cared about her health. From her 1991 book Cher Forever Fit: The Lifetime Plan for Health, Fitness, and Beauty (created in conjunction with Dr. Robert Haas), to her workout tapes, to the simple fact that she "never got into" bad habits like drugs and drinking (as she told British magazine Closer in 2013), Cher was leaps and bounds ahead of her time in terms of personal health and wellness. Perhaps it was pure luck that many common health pitfalls, from drugs to dairy, simply "didn't agree with" her.

But luck is only a small fraction of the equation. The star took a moment to humble-brag during her acceptance speech at the Billboard awards, noting that she can do "a five-minute plank" — better than most of us can achieve at half her age. She's quick to note that her figure is the result of lots of hard work. As she told Closer, "I exercise around five times a week – getting your endorphins up is a great way to start your day and I’ve got loads of energy... If I ever try to play the age card with my trainer, she doesn’t go for it!”

A quick peek at the star's Twitter account reveals that she's frank and forthcoming about the effort that goes into her workout routine (Cher's Twitter is clearly managed by the celeb herself, a welcome respite from the highly-stylized social media practices of other stars).

To stay healthy and energized with her rigorous schedule, Cher relies on whole foods for most meals, avoiding dairy products whenever possible and abstaining from red meats. Her diet is comprised mostly of healthy grains (no white rice!), fruits and veggies. When she needs a quick energy boost, she reaches for "fruits like bananas, papaya and nectarines, because they have a lot of sugar but it isn't refined," as she explained in her book over 25 years ago. After sticking with nutritious foods for that long, we imagine it becomes second nature to make healthy choices.

With a rigorous tour schedule, sets that include skipping across the stage in heels and remaining high-energy for hours at a time, and with no intention of slowing down anytime soon, it's clear that Cher needs her body to be fit and reliable. We're so impressed by her self-discipline and her strength after so many years in the public eye — if anyone deserved to be honored by Billboard, it's Cher. In fact... can we get this woman some more awards, please?


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