The Total-Body Exercise That Rocks Candace Cameron Bure's Workouts

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Ready for a Candace Cameron Bure-approved total-body move? Check her out in this video of a pushup/jump box combo that she shared on Instagram. Think you can match her?

"It's @starkistcharlie's #MotivationalMonday, and I feel like getting in a few reps of one of my favorite exercises," she wrote in the caption. "Who's with me on doing this box jump/push-up combo?"

While we don't need any more convincing that the Fuller House star is an absolute beast at the gym (that much was apparent from the video), her trainer/bestie, Kira Stokes, can be heard cheering her on from behind the camera.

Next time you're at the gym, try a couple reps of Bure's killer total-body move. You'll work your core, shoulders and arms during the pushup, while even getting in some cardio during that jump up onto the box. (Not to mention your hamstrings will feel the burn, too.)

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Once you've mastered the pushup/jump onto the box, check out Candace Cameron Bure's entire workout, then her extremely healthy plant-based diet. And just in case you haven't completely transformed into Bure by that point, make sure to incorporate her daily digestion-boosting drink into your morning routine.


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