This Is What an All-Inclusive Weight Loss Cruise Is Really Like

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You've heard of weight loss cruises before — you get on a ship with hundreds of like-minded people, ready to sail around the Caribbean for a week and hopefully drop a few pounds in the process.

If vacation is your weak spot and you know you'll undo a lot of the weight loss progress you've already made, a weight loss cruise might be worth the splurge. But if not, how can you know if a waistline-friendly vaca is actually worth it?

Samantha Lefave from Redbook set to find out. She boarded the Weight Watchers Rejuvination Vacation at Sea with a bestie and set out for an adventure — and afterward, spilled all the details.

Having never been involved with Weight Watchers, Lefave wrote that she was glad to see that weigh-ins and meetings were totally optional. She did decide to weigh herself at the beginning and end of the cruise, but that was it.

As for the food, she found that her usual battle with portion control was made easier by being able to order off the Weight Watchers menu. She was impressed by multiple meal options, like the Tandoori-Roasted Cauliflower Soup and Mahi Mahi Soft Tacos — she even raved about dessert in the form of Dark Chocolate Cherry Cheesecakes.

Between the tacos, tan lines, and tequila, it's been a good day in #Mexico 👙☀️🌮

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"Being on a cruise means you don't get to fill your own plate ... so I ate whatever I was served," she wrote. "And guess what? I never left a meal hungry, and I knew I was eating healthy whenever I ordered off the Weight Watchers-approved menu."

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While it was harder to stick to healthy meals while on island excursions or at the buffet, Lefave noted that with a little self control, it wasn't terribly difficult to find healthy foods.

Lefave also wrote that she made it a point to exercise every day, whether that meant walking on foot rather than taking on a cab or hitting the awesome gym with floor-to-ceiling views of the ocean during days at sea.

While Lefave admits that she didn't lose any weight — she actually stayed the same — she wasn't bothered by it because weight loss wasn't her goal. "Plus, some people did drop weight: In an end-of-week meeting, one woman said she lost about 2 pounds, while another took off nearly 7. So it is possible," she wrote.

Will you try a weight loss cruise next time you're looking for a well-balanced vacation? Or will you rely on your own motivational tools next time you're on the road?


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