Aaron Carter Hospitalized After Woman Body Shames Him

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It wasn't much of a party for pop singer Aaron Carter on Thursday night, as he reportedly wound up spending some time in the hospital.

According to TMZ, Carter was hospitalized, apparently for exhaustion, after a concert in Syracuse. The report states that the trip to the hospital was just the icing on the cake following the singer's terrible night.

Carter claims that he has had a string of shows recently, and that this one featured some fans who weren't particularly kind.

One fan reportedly body-shamed Carter, saying that he was too skinny.

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The singer revealed that one fan was talking to another, and they didn't realize he could hear them. The fan stated that he looked like he had cancer, and that he needed to eat more because it looked like he was dying.

Carter wasn't a big fan of the statement, saying things like "They literally won't stop bullying me" and "I'm sorry I'm not fat enough."

While the bullying may persist, it seems as though the hospital troubles are over for Carter.

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @exo_suhofan87


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