Heidi Klum Hikes Her Dress for Leggy Instagram Tease

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America's Got Talent judge Heidi Klum is blowing right past that alleged cheating drama and is back to heating up Instagram with revealing pics.

Packing ... which shoes ?????...👠👡👢😻👙👗👜👚........🏖🌞🌏😎❤️

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In her latest upload, the supermodel shows herself in a closet filled with shoes while wearing a tiny black dress.

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The gif-style video shows Klum hiking up her skirt and giving followers a look at her leg and thigh.

While it's a playful tease, she's all about the shoes in the post, according to her caption.

She captioned the photo, "Packing ... which shoes ?????" with a slew of emojis behind it.

Klum's tanned, toned stems are more valuable than you might think! In 2011, she had them insured for $2.2 million: one for $1.2 million and the other for $1 million, because "I have a big old scar on my knee,” she told PEOPLE.

How does the supermodel keep her legs so sexy at 44?


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Klum says she does a "little bit" of running — she'll even break out the ankle weights on the treadmill from time to time. One of her secrets is to do "butt lifts" to work the legs (plus the inner thighs!) and the booty at once. "It’s always good to keep the muscles underneath working so that it is nice and toned," she says. "Toned is good."

If you weren't blessed with supermodel genes like Klum, check out this leg workout that'll help tone your stems!

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