Womanista Beauty: Summer Skin Care – Splurge vs. Save

When it comes to the summer months, I’m all about being outside as much as possible (HELLLLLO, SUNSHINE!) But that means my skin can really take a beating with the heat, humidity, and the sun’s rays. The most important thing in my summer skin regimine is protecting my face with a high SPF sunscreen (For real, womanistas, protect that gorgeous face of yours!)

But I’ve also found a few really, really awesome products that I use religiously during the summer months to keep my skin glowing & healthy. Here are a few of my faves – some are pricey (but worth.it. if you can swing it and still pay your monthly rent!) I equally love just as many bargain buys, though!

The Splurge

(just click on the photos above for details & where to buy!)

If you can only buy one of these skin splurges, let it be the Sisley Global Anti-Age Cream. It’s truly the best face cream I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried A LOT!) I have dry skin but I still break out (wah wah – I’m 31 and still get zits, ugh!) and this face cream is seriously the perfect balance of moisture and doesn’t cause breakouts. I’m obsessed. You should also probably get the Neocutis exfoliating face wash (it rocks!) – it’s a super gentle face wash that exfoliates with some skin-brightening glycolic acids, leaving your face positively glowing. (ok that’s 2 things, but still…)

…and since I’ve turned 30 (and since then, ahem, 31) I’ve definitely had to up my skincare game with some extras, like eye cream and a vitamin C serum. Y’all, this La Mer eye cream *SIGH*. It’s fabulous. And also expensive. But did I mention fabulous? Also, the entire skinceuticals line of skin care is AMAZE but my favorite product is the Phloretin CF antioxidant treatment. It protects your skin while enhancing cell turnover so that you skin’s natural exfoliating process is working on it’s A-game. It’s fab. The Kate Somerville sunscreen is filled with lots of skin-savvy botanicals to not only protect your skin from ALL broad-spectrum rays, but also make it even better while it’s at it (Kate Somerville is a facialist, after all!)

Lastly, it’s important to apply each product in the right order (who knew?! The lovely ladies at Private Edition in Nashville filled me in on this little secret…) and it goes like this:

Cleanser + Serum + Moisturizer + Sunscreen

You want to start with the “lightest” product and proceed to the heavier ones so that everything can work it’s magic into your skin.

The Save

All of these products are hard-working and effective – and WAY less scary for your wallet. I use the Clean & Clear Daily Pore cleanser when I really need a good exfoliation – after a day at the beach, slathering on lots of sunscreen – or after a super-sweaty workout. And the Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer is my go-to when I feel a breakout coming on (ugh! rude.)

And ok, this Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum is still a little pricey, but it’s a great quality product that packs a strong punch for your skin (some of the drugstore brand vitamin C serums don’t have enough vitamin C in them to really make a difference in your skin…so it’s worth a little bit of a splurge on this product). And this Olay age-defying eye cream produces for REAL results in fine lines around your eyes (at a fraction of the cost!)

Lastly, Neutrogena Age Shield Face lotion is my everyday go-to. It’s 110 SPF (which I realize is slightly overboard…but I want nary a ray to break though to my skin and cause any damage! Wrinkles need not apply to this face – for as long as possible, at least!) It also doesn’t leave that “white sheen” that a lot of other high SPF facial sunscreens sometimes leave after you apply them.

Happy (almost) Summer, womanistas! And remember to take care of your skin this season (and if you took ANYTHING from this post – make it this: S-U-N-S-C-R-E-E-N. Just do it!)

xo, the Womanista

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  1. Issho Genki July 7, 2014 at 8:43 am #

    Great tips on protecting our skin from the danger of summer, it’s a great and helpful article since summer is approaching, thank you for sharing all of these as well the products that you suggested. In addition to that to make our skin look more glowing and fresh we also have to take squalene rich supplement that will repair and prevent damage skin cells.

  2. Veronica S May 18, 2014 at 1:29 pm #

    Great post.. I have sensitive skin.. especially to the sun.. I turn in to a lobster just by looking at it so I use products with Sun Protection in it.

  3. Meg May 12, 2014 at 10:32 pm #

    Hi Cassie – thanks so much for the great post! One question: if you use the eye cream, where does it fall into the order of products? And do you only use it at night or twice a day? Thanks!


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