Womanista Fashion: Best Beach Totes

Womanista Fashion: Best Beach Totes

I don’t know about you, womanistas, but this winter weather is just about getting on my last nerve. I’ve been dreaming of lounging in some sunshine on a sandy beach with a frosty cocktail lately! With spring break just around the corner, I thought I would warm us all up with a little beach dreamin’ and some seriously fab beach totes! Here are a few bold & bright bags to glam up your beach gear this spring

1. Cinda B Beach tote in “Ravinia Ivory” features a waterproof design & lots of pockets. It’s available for $129

2. FEED Haiti Bag features glam sequins & 100% of the proceeds go toward relief in Haiti. It’s available for $25.

3. Mara Hoffman Vinyl Beach Tote is a bold & bright beach accessory! It’s available for $202.

4. Forever 21 “Pink Flamingo” Tote is fun & fabulous, and available for only $1.80! Yes. LESS than $2!!! I mean, really.

5. Baggu “Blue Wave” Tote features a nylon design that is water & sand resistant. It’s available with a matching small pouch for $9.

6. Hayden Reis “Love The Beach” Tote features a glam design made of water-resistant sail cloth. It’s available for $144.

Happy beaching, womanistas!

xo, the Womanista


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  1. Jennifer February 21, 2014 at 11:17 pm #

    Hey Cassie! Your post is so funny for me because I have been dreaming of cold and snow for the past 7 years! You see, I live in Miami since 7 years and it’s so hot and sunny 360 days a year that, all I want during winter season is just to be able to wear a big scarf and boots! I guess the grass is always greener… XO

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