Womanista Food + Drink: Wines for Fall

Now that the weather is starting to cool down (there is definitely a chill in the air in Nashville!) one of my favorite things to do is sit outside around dusk, watch the sunset, and sip a rich, smooth glass of red wine.

I’m excited to head out to Napa Valley in October and stock up on my favorites, but I’ve also been sipping some great bottles from my new favorite wine store in Nashville, Harvest Wine Market. Proprietors Laura & Ames are so friendly and have recommended some amazing selections for me lately.

Here are a few that I’m loving…

Arrington Vineyards “Antebellum” 2009: I love this wine for more than just the obvious reasons…it’s home grown in Tennessee by country music royalty, Kix Brooks, and has the most sultry, smoky flavor & aroma. It’s aged for the final 7 months of it’s two year aging process in whiskey barrels (how distinctively Tennessee!) and it’s like a warm coat on your palate. Sip this one with some roasted nuts to accompany the earthy flavor. It’s a really great buy, too, at $25/bottle.

Robert Foley “The Griffin” 2010: This ultra-smooth, spicy, and lush blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Petit Syrah, and Syrah is so easy to drink. It has a light fruitiness to it, and is also distinctively peppery. It’s a great warm-up on a chilly night.


St. Helena Winery “Scandale” 2007: This wine is so aptly named. It tastes like you are stealing away for an illicit rendevouz – it’s smooth, juicy, rich, and chocolately. I’m obsessed. You may want to save this for a special occasion though, as it’s a little more of an investment wine at $75/bottle. Worth every penny.


Gargiulo Vineyards “G Major 7″ Cabernet Sauvignon: This nuanced, superb blend is spectactular – it’s a perfectly balanced composition, much like it’s guitar-chord namesake. The combination of earthiness and floral aroma are complex and gorgeously blended.

It’s pricey, so drink this one on a special occasion, or just when you want to celebrate something awesome. Which can be a Tuesday. (The wine itself is something to celebrate, in my opinion!)

What wines are you loving for cooler weather, womanistas? Let me know what I should try, and what you think about these! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

xo, the Womanista

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