Womanista Holiday: Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, womanistas! In honor of this celebratory day for moms, I asked three incredible ladies in my life to share their thoughts on their moms, and what it means to them to be a mother!  My grandmother, my mom, and my sister (who is a mommy-to-be!) represent three generations of moms in my family – and I’m so thankful to be able to learn, grow, and be inspired by them every day!

So to all of the moms out there, thank you so much for being wise & wonderful. You are the rocks that keep us all supported and grounded. Cheers, and I hope you are all getting served breakfast in bed this morning!!

A love letter to my mom, from my sister Meghann:

My sister Meghann sporting her cute baby bump! My nephew is due in August (and yes, she does wear sassy sparkle to work as an attorney! She’s fabulous!)

My mom is the ultimate “have it all” mother.  When we were growing up, she was a working mom who owned two successful clothing stores, and then transitioned into starting her own business as a stylist.  She was an example to us about working hard and making your own way in the world, but also had a flexible schedule and managed to always be at our sporting events, plays and other activities.  She taught us the importance of education and being independent and responsible for yourself.
I love this about my mom because she was a single mom for a few years but never allowed us to  go without anything we wanted. She went over the top for birthdays and Christmas (and still does!) and makes a point to make each of us feel special.  She is our biggest supporter and a fierce protector – I know she is behind me 100% for anything I want to do.  I have always admired her energy, spirit and independence.  She is a wonderful example of a modern mom and I know the reason I am who I am today is because of her constant love and support.


My mom, Claudia, on becoming a mother:

My mom & stepdad laughing & sipping champagne at my wedding in 2009

I have been a mother since April 4, 1980.  I was 26 and ready to welcome a new baby.  What I was in no way prepared for was the indescribable feeling I had no idea existed.  When my daughter was brought to me, it was if my world had never existed until that moment.  I still remember how she smelled and stared at me, as if saying “we did it!”

This same feeling came to me 3 more times, each bringing more love, more joy.  My “mother bear” mode kicked in again, each time with a greater confidence.  My children needed me, and I needed them.  Our partnerships began.

At each birth, there was never a question of my own mother being there.  It was something understood, as she was my solid rock, my constant, my guide through this new role I had taken on.  She knew exactly how to take care of me and my new baby with a quiet presence.

Fast forward to the present.  Seeing my girls and my son become the responsible, kind, productive people they are, while each juggling heavy demands, is beyond rewarding.  However, my work is still not done, nor  is my mother’s.  We always need our moms every day, just knowing there is that one person who is thinking of you, praying for you, there for you, no matter what.

My next stage of motherhood is scheduled for August, 2013.  I will meet my first grandchild, hopefully loving him as wonderfully as my children’s grandmother did, my mom.  Wow!  How awesome to be picked for this job!

My grandmother, Betty Lou, on her mother Lillie:

Me with my grandmother “Mimi” circa 1986

My Mother was truly amazing. She was a hard working, loving, spiritual woman who was widowed at 55  years of age and with seven children. We always felt we had the best of everything.  Our home was the mecca gathering place for both family and friends. Her love was unconditional and each of her grandchildren were made to feel they were the favorite.

I am very blessed to have had her as my mother and to have three daughters and grandchildren who now take care of me in this the winter of my life. And praise to God, a great grandchild will be arriving in August!

Happy Mother’s Day, womanistas! I’ll leave you with some wise (and cute!) words from “Kid President”:

A message for moms from Kid President

xo, the Womanista


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  1. Virginia May 13, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    Love reading these beautiful perspectives!

  2. Mimi McGlasson Francez May 12, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

    My name is Mimi Francez. I met your Mom Claudia in 1984! Yes, I also met you Cassie when you were born! I worked for your Mom in Lafayette. I can truly say that she was a terrific mom- running a business and always there for her girls!! Please tell her hello for me!!

    • Woman May 12, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

      Mimi! You are so sweet to post on here, and thank you for reading my blog! I showed your message to my mom and she was so glad to hear from you! I hope you are well, xxxxx

  3. Veronica S May 12, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    LOVE this post.. it actually made me cry a little. In Norway we celebrate Mother’s Day in February actually, I think that is kind of weird because this day should be like the same in every continent. But right now I have an excuse to celebrate my mom one more time, who has been a single mom for almost 10 years and she is the strongest person I know. If I become half the mother she has been to me, I’ll be a great mom whenever that time comes.

    Same with my grandmother, she is a wonderful lady who had my mom when she was just 18 and she got a lot of help from my great grandmother at the time. These three women has truly inspired me. And mom and grandma still does.

    You look like your mom by the way;)

    • Woman May 12, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

      Thanks, Veronica! I know your mom is a lucky lady to have you as a daughter :-) Thank you for reading! xo

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