Womanista Travel: European Snapshots Part 2

What a whirlwind trip to Europe! In a little less that a month I traveled to 8 countries – by plane, train, boat, car (and I even rode a bike a few times!) – and I got to see some seriously cool sights and breathtaking landscapes (I’m looking at you, Scandinavia!) Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the second half of my Euro adventure (and if you haven’t seen part 1 yet, click here and check them out!)

A Sunday morning bike ride along the streets of Manchester, England

A tiny, farm to table restaurant in Glasgow. I shared a yummy meal with another band wife here while the boys wrote a song

My view of my husband’s band rocking the Hard Rock Calling Festival in Hyde Park. London, England

A view of Zurich, Switzerland along a canal


A perfect mantra on a perfect glass of vino at the Terrasse Restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland

German Beer in a frosty mug at Augustiner Keller Biergarten in Munich, Germany

A fun night at Sam’s Karaoke Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark

A city house with a front garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

A delicious meal at Delicatessen Tapas Bar in Oslo, Norway


































Hope you enjoy this glimpse of Europe, womanistas!

xo, the Womanista

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  1. Veronica S August 3, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Karaoke is so fun, I bet the others in there had a lot of fun if you guys where singing:P
    Lovely snapshots..

    Haha, I knew you would love Skandinavia.. You also where in Seljord Norway? did u try the Hansa?

    OSLO<3 but next time, visit Bergen!!

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